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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Two Daughters

My wife and I have two grown daughters, Monica and Jennifer. They grew up as sisters but not in the traditional sense. You see, we're a blended family, which all that means is that our kids are from previous marriages. Both girls grew up visiting their dads and living with their moms and step dads. We somehow managed to get through the challenges that comes with visitation, step-parents and getting kids launched into the real world. They both graduated from college and have done well since then. It's easy for a father to be proud of their kids and I'm certainly no exception. Both of the girls are successful in their own right and from what I've seen so far, they have figured out that service to others is what matters. One daughter is an elementary school teacher, she's married and has blessed us with a beautiful grand daughter. The other daughter is a police officer and still looking for the right guy. I worry about both of them as most parents do but mostly I have faith in them that they will figure out whatever challenges that may come their way. For the most part, I'm in awe of them at what they've accomplished and how they touch other people's lives by their work, their independence and their dedication to making the world a better place. I often wonder how we managed to produce such good and interesting kids. My hope and wish for both of them is that they continue to grow by taking some risks, always looking to better themselves and the world around them. Be strong, have faith and be safe.
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