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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fair in the Park

The neighborhood association hosted a community fair in Dignowity Park over the weekend. This past spring the association applied for a mini-grant from the United Way for a community event and we were awarded funds to put together a community fair. After lots of planning and organizing, the Dignowity Hill community fair took place on Oct 17th and it was a great success. We had blue skies, the park was wonderfully green after a good soaking from mother nature the week before and we had great a turnout. And yes we also had lots of fun!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rehab Politics. Part II

The half way house saga on the Eastside continues as a group of residents and others have taken the issue to court in an effort to obtain a temporary injunction to stop the facility from opening. The group was handed a setback as a judge ruled against granting the injunction. A lawsuit will most likely follow as opposition to this halfway house is still alive in the Eastside and I hope that legal action will eventually correct a poor decision by the majority of the city council.

The CEO of Crosspoint was quoted in the newspaper that "the neighbors, the business representatives, the clergy in District 2 are going to come to recognize the benefits of our being in this neighborhood."......interesting. It's too bad that he is refusing to recognize and acknowledge that the neighbors and the Eastside community including many of the residents in Dignowity Hill do not want this facility at all.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eastside Virtual Tour

If you want take a virtual cultural and historic tour of the near Eastside then go to the following link:

The city's Office of Cultural Affairs has put together an online neighborhood tour called Echoes of the Eastside. The tour has pictures and short blurbs about the people, landmarks and history of the Near Eastside area. You can take visit Dignowity Hill, St Paul Square, the cemetery district and read some colorful tidbits about the area. Check it out.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Chapter

After 26 years of working for one employer and over 33 years of working as a health care professional, my lovely bride of 27 years has decided to "retire". Today is her last day working for Southwest General Hospital. She steps down as laboratory director eager to pursue new adventures and interests. We are both looking forward to this new chapter. In all the time that we've been married we both have always worked so this will definitely be different. Knowing Barb, she will not stay "retired" for long. In the meantime she's looking forward to some much needed down time, sleeping in, reading some good books, taking cooking classes and renewing her spirit. Congrats, you deserve it!!