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Monday, August 6, 2012

Remember the Bobcats-Emerson Jr HS

You never know what serendipity can bring to your feet. I was working in the community garden on Sunday morning when these two gentlemen showed up. Apparently, they were former students of the old Emerson Junior High School and they were there to take a group picture with other former classmates.
Waldo Emerson Junior High School was located in the buildings of what is now the Ella Austin Community Center.  The school was in operation from the early 1950's through late the 1960's when classes were moved to another middle school and Emerson Junior High was shut down.  It was the neighborhood junior high school back before someone got the bright idea of calling them middle schools.

The gathering of former students that morning had all graduated from Emerson in the late 1950's to mid 1960's. The group graciously allowed me to intrude in their gathering.  It was fun listening to their stories of how the neighborhood was back in the day.  Most of them had moved away to other parts of the city but their affection for Emerson, each other and the old neighborhood was readily apparent. You just never know what stories you may stumble upon on a Sunday morning in Dignowity Hill.

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