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Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of the Year

Last day of the year! Boy, it seems that not too long ago were starting 2010! Despite all the gloominess dealing with the recovering economy things were generally good for the neighborhood in 2010. I feel that things are slowly turning around as more and more folks are beginning to notice the unique character of Dignowity Hill. A few months ago a man on a bicycle stopped to talk to me as he was riding through our neighborhood. He wasn't a resident of Dignowity but loved the area so much he told me he had "neighborhood envy"! He was hoping to buy a house in the neighborhood sometime soon. That's good to hear so my wish for 2011 is that we can continue to move things in the right direction. Perception is reality and we all need to work on changing the perception of the Eastside. We need to push for fixing our sidewalks, improving the street lighting, we need to continually work on pushing out elements that contribute to negative or inaccurate perceptions. There's still plenty to do to as we continue to revitalize the neighborhood and it's going to take everyone of us to make a difference.
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