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Monday, October 25, 2010

Graffiti, Art and Respect

Graffiti or tagging has been around for a long time. It's everywhere.....and I have to admit that some of the graffiti pieces I see on buildings and other public places can almost be considered works of art. I marvel at some of the mural like works of composition, color and lines that appear out of no where….but the problem I have with these works of art is that they deface a perfectly fine wall or structure.....and were done without respect for the property or the property owner. When the Hays Street Bridge was re-opened a few months ago it was tagged the night before the official ribbon cutting.
I suppose we all have a need for creative outbursts from time to time and perhaps that’s what our graffiti artists and taggers experience when they feel moved to express themselves. On the other hand…respect for property is a big deal for me and I would assume most folks feel the same way as I do. So to those graffiti artists and taggers that may actually read this blog......before you graffiti a wall in our neighborhoods…. stop, show respect and be creative in another way.
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