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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Perceptions of the Eastside Need to Change

There was a recent article in the newspaper in which a developer is quoted as saying that "there are only one or two houses worth saving in Dignowity Hill". That by it self is bad enough but unfortunately for this developer he made the statement in the presence of our Council woman, Ivy Taylor, who of course, lives in Dignowity Hill. Comments like the one this developer made are uttered out of ignorance, a lack of sensitivity for a community and misguided perceptions .....and that needs to change if we're going to progress in a positive manner.
The recent economic summits have brought much needed attention to the Eastside and it's about time. Undoubtedly, there will be many moving pieces to revitalizing our neighborhoods and bringing much need economic development.
In the case of our developer, he got an instant education about the historic nature of Dignowity Hill and why it's so important to be sensitive or at least have some common sense if you're not sure of what you think you know. The lesson for those of us that live in the Eastside is that we have to do our part to continually educate the uninformed.
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