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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our Neighborhood Assocation

Our neighborhood association is a lively, passionate and interesting group of folks. Our meetings can be at times rewarding or frustrating events depending on the issues. As I've written before, our neighborhood is an interesting collection of professionals, artists, working folks, long time resident families, recent arrivals, black, white and otherwise. So you can imagine the diversity that shows up our meetings.
But I have to say that the folks that come to our meetings truly care about the neighborhood and I would like to think, ultimately about each other. So its going to be an interesting adventure for me as I step into the role as president of the association. I look forward to this new chapter with enthusiasm along with a healthy dose of pragmatic expectations. We also have new officers for the association. They are all great folks with good ideas and commitment to see our neighborhood continue to move in a positive direction. So thank you Liz, Kate and Hector for agreeing to serve! It should be an interesting and fun rest of the year!
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