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Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year Connections

New year, new beginnings. After being off from work for two weeks its back to work today....not that I'm complaining....with daily news of layoffs and shutdowns, it's good to be employed! But it was good to be away from the daily grind. Nothing like some down time, especially during the holidays, to reconnect with family and friends and recharge your spirit.

Speaking of the spirit, we went to church this Sunday. Thought it might be a good idea to start the new year by connecting with the Good Lord. It was also good to reconnect with the two people who are the soul and most likely the the heart of this particular congregation....the preacher and his wife, Gordon and Jeannene. Actually, both of these folks are preachers...... Baptist preachers as a matter of fact. Gordon is the preacher in charge while Jeannene served as a hospital chaplain for several years until she decided that home was where she needed to be. I worked with Jeannene for about a year and I always enjoyed our conversations about religion, hospital work and how tough it is to work in health care. She also encouraged me to start writing a took a awhile but the seed she planted finally took root. When we moved into our "new" old house, Jeannene did our house blessing. As is often the case, we didn't keep in contact with each other as our busy lives consumed our time. It was good to reconnect with these folks after not seeing each other for awhile....besides, it doesn't hurt to know a Baptist preacher or two.

The point of this ramble: take the time to connect or better yet to reconnect with something or someone that stirs your spirit.
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